Knex Kriss Vector

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The Kriss Vector is one of the most requested guns from both me and blue mullet. Many have "attempted" it, and few have succeeded. Lucas The Boss, and Blue Mullet have come together, and proudly present, our Knex Kriss vector.

First off I would really like to thank Blue Mullet, with out him this gun could have never been built. We really worked our butts off on this one. This gun took us 4 days to build, at an average of 2-3 hours a day. Let's get to the stats shall we.

Looks almost identical (the trigger guard is not right on my version because I ran out of hinges)

Removable mag

Mag lock

Charges from the top of the gun

First gun to my knowledge to utilize the trigger guard in part of the mechanism

35 foot range

Ammo- mine shoots blue clips, blue mullets shoots grey connectors

Folding stock

Iron sights


Folding stock is a bit flimsy

So that's it guys, I would like to once again thank blue mullet for helping make this gun come to life.

More pics coming soon!

Step 1:



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    16 Discussions

    unknown -

    11 months ago

    Plz post an image of how the folding stock works thanks

    It definitely shows that you spent a lot of time on it!! We should do a project together but I doubt it will be a replica!

    That might be cool, I've got some ideas we could try. If you want to do a colab, Dm me you phone number.

    LOL I just now saw this comment! I just got done a collab with Blue Mullet but I'd love to work with you! Me and Blue even pondered over the idea of all three of us working on something together. I'm not comfortable with my phone number but I can do skype (it's in my description). What ideas did you have in mind?

    Lucas The Boss

    3 years ago

    It was a honor working with you as well!


    3 years ago

    Saw blue mullet post this on YouTube. it's a great gun and I especially like the shape of it;

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