Knex Kunai





Introduction: Knex Kunai

This is my K'nex kunai inspired by Knexman2020.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Pic#1: Gather these pieces.

Step 2: Construction

Pic#1: Build this.
Pic#2: Build this.

Step 3: Put Them Together.

Pic#1: Combined picture.

Step 4: Final Project.

Pic#1: This is what it should look like once your done enjoy and I am not responsible if you cause any damage to anything.



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    23 Discussions

    do you raly need to post this we can preety much work it out

    Well I'll give you credit for simple design. I just hate when people make things overly complicated and requiring over 9000 peices.

    2 replies

    im not sure this could cause damage to anything...'least you spelleed kunai correctly >.< i like hte other 1 better, no offesne. ...knexman2020 i think his name is

    1 reply

    ... well i was rushing so i spelled it wrong. and this isnt as good as mine but nice try! i might give u some ideas.

    i'm sorry, this is just bad, this could better be a forum topic, this is just a simple, single layer design, and therfor isnt hard, and also, the pictures are not very sharp, i think you used a webcam? try borrowing a proper digital cameroa, or use a disposable one, and scan the images ;) (sorry for typos, its 00:41 atm :p)

    well it is rather simple. just the picture would be good. lol, i built a really big lance out of a kunia once...i was trying to make it, but i sued grey rods insted of red...and i added on, and binge, a big lancey jousty thingy

    Does this even need an Instructable? Much better if it was a forum topic.

    Way to easy, nice job! The pictures should be a bit better though, but still, it's pretty cool.