Knex L118A

Introduction: Knex L118A

About: Knex has been the one thing that interests me the most and I am building all the kinds of guns that ever come to me if you ever need any help with any kind of Knex gun or "gun" just co...

Thanks to Headshothoncho his L96A1 I took his gun and modded it to the L118A with only a few things changed.

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    16 Discussions

    nice mod, although my design, you still managed to make it look different. cool

    dr. richtofen

    This one is pretty good! But you maybe want to put an picture of the real gun in the slideshow. 4* from me, if I could rate

    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you can still do that:
    - click on 'you'
    - go to 'instructables'
    - hover to this one, and click on 'edit'
    - add the picture of the real one


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Now that's more like it! The whole gun looks great (particularly the handle and stock)! I know it is not entirely you're gun but at least you gave them gredit for it! Good job!