K'nex L96A1 Sniper Rifle + New Addition the Judge




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What's up guys, Ben_The_Builder here with two of my latest 'Ibles, like the name suggests, an L96A1 sniper rifle and something i like calling The Judge, I'll get to that later.

I only have a handful of pictures from the L96A1 but, i can pull something together to make the internals again, it wasn't too hard, and I'm pretty sure some of you out there can manage a better internal system than i can.

now.. sorry lost track of time... speaking of time..


..I have no idea, but let"s take a look shall we?

Step 1: L96A1 Pictures (no References)

Okay, so a while back (as most next gen or current gen gamers should know) Battlefield 4 came out.. and I'm a huge fan of the latest frostbite engine mechanics and system operations, so i started playing.. got really into it.. the China Rising came out... bringing with it the L96A1... and i haven't stopped playing it since..

So without any more delays i bring you some shots from the L96 I made at home with just a few screen caps from BF4

Pictures 1 to 7) To simply put it, this gun fires 2 different magazines, a standard WHITE rod magazine, they were just easier to see, and a Metallic or tan clip magazine.

Pic 8) simple simple magazine release, no clip in system on this gun.

Pic 9) trigger guard... i hate it, but it works.

Pic 10&11) okay, so I may have ran out of pieces rather quickly, and decided to go cheap on the handle, it IS rather comfortable, but again, aesthetics wise it's very unpleasing.

Pic 12&13) the butt of the gun, wit ha bit of a "cheeky" internal structure// no?.. *ahem* okay, so there's an adjustable cheek rest mech in there somewhere..

Pic 14) the "bolt" and firing pin

Pic 15-19) if you look closely there's a few subtle changes in the height of the cheek rest, not a whole lot, but you don't need much when you're using a rifle.

Pic 20) firing pin length

Pic 21-24) inserting the magazine, and looking at how snug it fits after the mag release snaps into place, and the magazine is loaded properly
Pic 25-29) here you can see an opening and a round stuck in the end of the magazine.. the opening is there for this reason, so you can literally just push or pull the round out without the need for reloading the gun and jamming a second round in there

Pic 30&31) different types of rounds, and the magazines laying next to them

Pic 32) draw length on the firing pin

Step 2: K'nex Gun: the Judge

okay so this is what i call The Judge. It's a bit of a handful.. literally.. the thing weighs almost 2 kilos, and it is just soo compact for the type of gun it is and the mechanisms used, I am kinda shocked it ended up like this.. but it looks amazing

Pic 1) the Mark 1 variant, no flash, simple simple and pretty much nothing to it, it had a really snubbed barrel in IMO, so i got around to changing a few things

Pic 2) Mark 1.1, slight aesthetics enhancement, added iron sights, underneath the turret i lowered the cover a litte and added in the curvature, added iron sights, and extended the grip a little more.

Pic 3) Mark 1.2, a little more added, extended the barrel 2 lengths to make it 6 long, and as you can tell there's not much holding it together except for the from pins and the for-barrel pins.

Pic 4) i call this Overkill.. for obvious reasons.. i added in a grey length tac-rail with a few 'Y' connectors and slammed this baby on top.. i know... it looks displeasing.. but looking down the scope looks badass..and it isn't at all accurate.. i'll fix that soon, it just needs a little more tweaking and I'll have an "Ible up a.s.a.p

Well there you have it, that's me for now, and these are two amazing builds I've done so far, this is Ben_The_Builder, over and out



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    5 years ago

    Very nice! You know there is a revolver called the Judge, it's a shotgun. Yours looks really good though and I would deffinitly like an ible'

    1 reply

    haha! nah, you're right, the L96 NEEDED a hell-of-a-lot of work done to it, especially where the grip and (i guess) the top half of the stock just before the cheek rest was, everythubg needed to be redone bar the internals really xD but ut worked on 3 different ammunition and i was really happy with it ^.^ i modded the mag well a bit to suit the magazines shown so i wasn't using too many blue rods


    5 years ago

    Nice, but as you said, maybe the trigger guard area could use some work. Also, it seems like the main gun is bent upwards slightly from the rear stock, not sure if modding the trig guard will fix this, but other than that the gun looks fine! Too bad you didn't have enough pieces for the forebarrel....

    2 replies

    yeah, the trigger guard was just for strength, there's not much holding the gun together where the trigger guard is sitting : S and yes the gun does have a slight "bow" ad the back of it, the shape of the grip on the actual gun was just rediculously awkward and i couldn't find a decent enough way to make my own, however, this did suffice for the time being.

    Ii would have finished it off properly, but I ran out of pieces rather quickly : /


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    as soon as i find the time around the custom chucks I'm painting, hell yeah I can! I do have a video I was supposed to add in, but it took too long to upload to youtube and I had to go to work before I could add it