Knex LS-8 (Logical Shotgun) Prototype (How to Build)




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Ok, I wanted to post a shotgun for you to build, mod, and have fun with. Its very simple to build =D

Step 1: Barrel.

Step 2: Trigger/Handle

Step 3: Other Side of Barrel.

Step 4: Front of the Barrel.

Step 5: Final Attachments/Other Stuff

Step 6: You Are Done =D

You have built a great shotgun =D You get a plate of cookies =D



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I might be a little late replying to something that was done over a year ago, but hey , can't really dis the Logic Bow, because it's one of the most powerful k'nex guns ever created. Aside from cannons of coarse. The k'nex cannons I've seen here can cause some serious damage. Heavy k'nex cannon vs. the Logic Bow, I don't know which one is more powerful. Both of these weapons are deadly and they both can shoot with a lethal amount of force if built properly. And that in itself is a learning experience for me because I just recently built one of these(have a forum topic about it) and it's strong enough to break oodammo at 100 ft with just 4 bands stretched as far as they can go. Here is a picture of it.