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I bet all of you have wondered what to do when your laptop gets hot. Now, the wait is over! If you don't have money for a cooling pad, but you have k'nex, then this is for you. Its an original idea I had, although i did get some inspiration from other stands. It has many features, so you don't have to get up from your comfortable spot.

Features: iPod/iPhone holder, charger cord holder, external fan, counter weight.

Other features (coming soon): Mouse pad (can be moved for left of right handed users), extended armrest,

cord separater, drawers for holding things, cup holder, and a camera holder.

Hopefully I get instructions up soon. Now im not going to ask you guys to vote or favorite or anything like that. I believe that if your work is good, people will vote or fav without you telling them to.

Step 1: Features

Nowhere near finished, but i wanted to get something up in time for the contest. Instructions coming soon!

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