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Well, this is my second version of the K'nex laptop stand, this time i set about making a more sturdy design, and one with a place to store my wireless keyboard, and appl remote, when not in use. As well as not using a massive amount of pieces, so anyone can build it, if you can follow my instructions that is.

So here we go. enjoy _

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Step 1: Building the Basic Shape

Start by constructing the shape in the first picture, nice and easy. if you dont have any panel pieces, it can easily be replaced by a mixture of blue and yellow rods, (like on further steps if your stuck)

Once u have constructed this first section attach the red rods in the postions, as the second picture

Step 2: Adding the Next Layer

build the shape, again as the first picture, clipping the relevant pieces to the red rods, then adding the rods in the layer after.

Once you have constructed the layer, push it down flat against the first layer.

Add another layer just like this, do you will have something looking like the third picture, with 3 layers so far!

Step 3: Finish the Side Pieces

Adding the 4 slightly different layer, (this allows the slot that holds the wireless keyboard in place) add the pieces as the first picture, the main difference is where the orange and small grey connectors are added. in the middle, and towards the front.

Once you have done this, add another layer, exactly the same and it should look like the second picture.

Now, your almost there, Make this same shape again, but this time make it mirrored, so you should have two pieces like the 3rd picture.

Step 4: Bridging the Gulf

Place the two sides, next to each other. Start by adding the 4 grey connectors on either side, as picture 1. Now join these two halves together using a long grey rod, as picture 2. repeat this step for the back two red rods, but this time using red corner connectors (this helps stoping you from using up all the grey connectors)

Step 5: Bridging the Gulf 2

Do the same as the previous step for the middle rod, however i foun adding yellow connectors, with two grey rods helped to make the thing a bit more sturdy!

Step 6: Setting the Width

At this point the width of the unit can easily be altered by sliding the red and grey rods. So basically set this to the width you want! For a MacBook Pro u mite want to make it longer, or if you have a pc laptop basically make it the size you would like.

For my laptop (macbook) and also to fit the apple wireless keyboard, add loads of the Darker grey single connectors, and a few of the short brown connectors to keep the spacing set. for a macbook, i found that 8 on either side, then 13 in the middle, plus the one half blue piece (you will have to unhook the grey rod to slip this on.) as in picture 1

For your laptop this mite differ, so play around till the width is spot on for you.

Repeat this for the two back struts, as in the second picture, same number of pieces as the front one.

Finally i added a little extra support like in picture 3.

Step 7: Finished, or Not, You Decide!

Right if you have made it this far you should have a pretty snazzy macbook dock. with a space to store your apple wireless keyboard.

However, i did add a few extra bits, one too hold cables, and one to hold the apple remote.

Step 8: Apple Remote Dock

contruct the simple shape as per the fist picture. this is simple enuff,

Add a grey connetor to each of the white rods, and then two further yellow connectors joined by little green rods. and you should have something like picture 2.

Using the black connectors, slide this entire piece onto the yellow connectors of the main dock, so that it lines up with the gap, as in picture 3.

The apple remote then slides in via the gap between the panels. and should fit like the 3rd picture.

Apple remote dock, done.

Step 9: Adding the Cable Catcher

I hate loosing cables down the back of my desk, so basically this bit allows me to clamp the cables in place when there not plugged in (eg ethernet, display cables) this is easy just ad the peices as in the picture.

Pop the cables through the gaps, and slide the grey connectors.

Theres also a handy space to keep the power block, so its not sat in the way. (picture 2)

Step 10: The Final Thing.

Now, place your macbook carefully ontop of the dock, the front sections will stop it from slipping.

The keyboard slots in the front (spacebar first) and sits there quite nicely.

You can see the apple remote Just poking out the side.

And the cables are kept in tow.

The only design floor is that on the front right, the IR sensor is actually covered up. so i basically popped out the middle yellow piece.

Let me know what you think! sorry if the pics are a bit blurry, i took them on my phone.

Also i would love to see any versions that you mite make, with mods etc. (eg i was thinking of adding an ipod dock in the side, under the apple remote where theres a space)

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    53 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I *just* made made one today, I did not have very much knex, so my version is very simple. I will probably mod it more to make it safer and sturdier.

    Thank you for the idea!

    Now I can play games on my computer without worrying about it getting to hot! :-)

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    A picture would be cool.. i always like to see what others do. As you know, i upgraded to a vesa arm laptop holder, my sister still uses this very knex stand though.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to show you a picture if the holder, but Instructables's new picture uploader is crap and it is also difficult to use.. Sorry, but it is being crappy to me, the picture comes out small and badly discolored, but not seem to annoy to other people...? :-( And they got rid of the old uploader. This caused me to not want to post instructables anymore, leading me into inactive instructable user.

    On the laptop stand, I did another mod, I added and locked rubber wheels in place on to the bottom of the holder, to stop it moving around so much. :-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm.....today I'm going to modify this in some random way for my eeePC :D


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! yeah, alltho u can change the width of the unit, i beleave the macbook air, is pretty much the same size as the macbook, if i had one i would also add a storage bay for the external dvd drive, maybe just below or above the keyboard slot.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I didnt have the oatience to build, so I built my own version, and the keyboard slides in the back, it uses the HUGE triangles, instead of all that junk.

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, so what I did was for the front, I mowed it down until instead of the big clunky thing, it would be more flat stuff for wrists.

    Then, for the rare chance it will fall off, I added some thick rubberbands to the corners to keey them from coming off.

    Finally, I added a modified version of my iPod dock.