Knex Laptop Stand and Cooling Pad




About: I love to build with Knex and I especially love to make things that can be used to injure my brother.

This is a laptop stand i designed for my dads laptop because it was always overheating

Check out my mods

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Step 1: Bottom Base Half

pic 1: what you are making
pic 2: make edge piece
pic 3: side view showing edge pieces
pic 4: make another but the 3-d connectors are turned different
pic 5: showing how connectors are turned
pic 6: last edge piece
pic 7&8: showing the 3-d connectors
pic 9: lining up
pic 10: Connect

Step 2: Angled Suport

pic 1: make this
pic 2&3: showing how the orange pieces connect
pic 4: showing where to connect on upside down bottom
pic 5: connected and finished

Step 3: Top Half

pic 1: what your making
pic 2: make this
pic 3: showing 3-d connectors and green pieces
pic 4: make another one the exact same
pic 5&6: make end piece
pic 7: line up
pic 8 attached

Step 4: Laptop Rail

pic 1: make this
pic 2: close up
pic 3: lining up
pic 4: attached

Step 5: Final Assembely

pic 1: line up
pic 2: attach and DONE!

comment if you want me to show how to make the adjustable version
Go to my link on the intro to make the mouse pad stand

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10 Discussions


6 years ago

Nice, laptop could use some space to remove heated air, might build keep it up

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

The open inside design really allows the cooling fans to pull air in and push out the heated air very well. Since he began using this has laptop has been running cooler than when it was just sitting on the dresser.

rustymiawde dijk

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I think you could make it work if you scaled down everything by one piece. Instead of using yellow rods, use blue rods to make the entire thing that much smaller. It would make the entire stand shorter and narrower so it would fit you smaller laptop better


8 years ago on Introduction

Could use some more supports/side rails.

1 reply

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

side rails are not really needed. I feel that they just get in the way and make it harder to place the laptop on the stand and to remove it. If you wanted to you could just make two shorter versions of the front rail and attach them to the side.