Knex Laptop Stand - With Cooling Fan




This is my Knex Laptop stand, which includes a fan to help cool it down when it becomes to hot. The outer shell is designed to keep the cool air inside, keeping the laptop cool when it is overworked. The hole in the middle of the front of the stand, is for my phone/iPod or whatever, it is easy to see and kept safe from the fan.

This took me about a week to perfect, and since then, it has undergone major changes. Where the left fan is, there use to be drawers. Where the right fan is, there use to be a safe-lockable cupboard.

The charger connector, charger wire, fan and phone dock are all placed underneath the laptop, minimizing space usage and weight.

I will post instructions for it if you wish, comment below, I am not offended by criticism, I feel that it helps to make the model better. I am also willing to post instructions for the drawers and safe-lockable cupboard, but that may take a while, due to my exams, and the fact that I took them apart.

Comment below, what you think about my stand, and whether you feel it could do with some modifying etc.



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    Sure, but it will take a while, as it is a big project :P And I have my exams, so it should be ready by July :P