K'nex Lever Action Sling Rifle(halp Wanted)

Introduction: K'nex Lever Action Sling Rifle(halp Wanted)

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I've been working on a lever action for a while now, and after building my first version, I decided to scrap it and start anew- slingshot style. This means that I had to choose between having the lever pull the band and having the user pull the band, and I decided that having the user pull it would increase power by so much that it wouldn't be worth it(though it still isn't that strong). The lever feeds a round from an under-barrel tube mag and into the chamber...at least, it does *in theory*. I haven't been able to test it because of a problem, and that's where I need some ideas- mag pusher. This thing requires one that is two black rods and three orange connectors in length, which is not ideal. I need ideas for some mag pusher or auto-moving system or something...any help would be GREATLY appreciated because I don't want to keep working on this much longer. It shoots somewhat well from what I gather, and holds six or seven rounds(orange+grey clip, like Kinetic). Actually, this is rather reminiscent of Kinetic's rifle, which makes me a sad panda because I don't like borrowing like that >.> anyways, I made something that actually looks alright and is kinda cool! I just need this last bit of help, then it's some tweaking and we'll see what happens. It has potential. Thanks for reading this, if you did :P

also, the uploader is trying to tell me that two of my pictures are pictures that I already uploaded...so yeah. I'll get those later because they're kind of important lol. for now, I'll just explain that the mag is essentially a long, enclosed tube that barely fits the orange connector-sized round. and is like that the whole way through. idk what imma do lol.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks guys, but I think I'm actually going to completely redo the because it's making me angry...again. This is getting frustrating...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Long gone, haha. It never worked the way I wanted it to, unfortunately.