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Introduction: K'nex Lighted Bookstand

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This Instructable will show you how to make a simple bookstand with a built in light holder out of K'nex.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:
-32 white connectors
-6 blue connectors
-14 yellow connectors
-18 grey connectors
-2 green connectors
-10 red connectors
-2 purple loop connectors
-2 "Y" connectors
-12 green bendy rods
-1 yellow rod
-4 blue rods
-50 white rods
-110 green rods
-An LED light
-A book

Step 2: Stand: Part One

Take 30 white connectors and connect them using green rods.

Step 3: Stand: Part Two

Take five yellow connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get two rows.

Step 4: Stand: Part Three

Take two grey connectors and slide them together. Repeat to get six pieces. Connect them using green rods.

Step 5: Stand: Part Four

Take a blue connector and a grey connector and slide them together. Repeat to get six pieces, and connect them together using green rods.

Step 6: Stand: Connect Pieces

Connect all pieces made so far together using green rods as shown. Next add four red connectors to the corners with green rods. Finally, fill all spaces using white rods.

Step 7: Base

Add green bendy rods to the stans as shown, and connect them using red connectors.

Step 8: Book Holder

Take four yellow connectors and two white connectors and connect them using green rods. Next, add it to the front of the stand. Fill all spaces using white rods.

Step 9: Light Holder

Make the light holder shown in the above pictures, and attach it to the front of the book holder.

Step 10: Inserting the Book

To insert the book, slide two blue rods into the book holder to keep the book in place. Set the light in the light holder as shown.

Step 11: Done!!!

Congratulations! You now have your very own lighted bookstand! Enjoy!



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    If I had my K'nex I would definitely build this. Congratulations are on your hundredth instructable, Nerf! I speak for a lot of people when I say we are looking forward to more. (Sorry for being so late to see this.)

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    Thanks! (Although some pictures were darker because my computer deleted them and I had to retake them later in the day) >:( This is my 100th Instructable!

    Thank you so much for this and the great patch as well! Someday I want to have like a thousand ibles posted... But thats a long way off.

    Congratulations youself on breaking the one-million view barrier! Very impressive! =D

    i meant like walking in a place full of people selling drugs and people killin eachother walking and reading at 2:30 while a few people are out.

    hahahahaha XD i meant as of the comment i put sounded a little unkind so i meant to place a joke and had said congrats in the same sentance sounded like i was downing it so i wanted to reaproche that