Knex Luger




This luger has a new removable mag, which holds 8 green (or black!) rods. It has a true trigger ,located behing the mag for more power, but the actuall trigger arm is infront. its not a extremely powerfull or super acurate weapon, but i believe that its the 1st handgun to shoot green rods from a removable mag in a angled handle.

Step 1: The Mag

1) Build 2 of these
2) Make 1of this
3) And 1 of this.
4)Using white rods, connect all the pieces together as shown, not forgetting the green rods in the holes. Use tape to wrap around the parts, trapping the green rods in and holding the mag together. Note that the end of the mag the two long sides are taped close together, this prevents the bullets slipping out when its in your pocket or where ever. 8 small rods fit into this mag.

Step 2: The Handle

1) Make 3 of these
2) Build two of these sides, and push the white rods in as so, so that only the end of the rod is in.
3) Thread the three long pieces onto the side as so, then connect the white rods to the remaing side. You should be able to put the white rods into the small connector piece using the inside of the groove of the rod this time.
4) See?
5) Build this.
6) Connect it as shown, with the white rod inside the snow flakes connector.
7) Build this piece.
8) Connect it to the handle, this piece locks the mag in.

Step 3: Front and Middle of the Barrel.

1) Make this. Sorry about the broken piece, tho you can use an unbroken if you change the trigger as shown later. I just had this broken piece lieing around, and realised it was perfect for this part.
2) Make this (sorry for the crap pic, go down to 3 for a better idea of it.
3) Connect them together as shown.
4) Different angle.
5) Connect it to the handle as shown, with back end connecting onto the acute angled connector using a white rod.
6) Add on the right angled pieces at the bottom and the top (both sides) using green rods and connecting the top pieces with a blue rod. Then add the 2 white rods at the top next to the right angled pieces, 1 each side.

Step 4: The Rear of the Barrel.

1) Build these parts
2) Connect them like so using white rods.
3) Build this, not forgeting the blue spacers. This bit prevents the elastic bands from bending the firing pin too much.
4) Different view.
5) Make this, the trigger rod.
6) Add it like so, through the holes of the two semi circle pieces.
7) Connect to the gun as shown, using a white rod at the top and the small green rod at the bottom.

Step 5: The Trigger

1) Build this (sorry 4 the bad pic).
2) And this. ( bad pic again i know)
3) Lighter pic.
4) Connect the 1st part over the blue rod., then put the acute angled connectors over the white rod of the second piece.
5) Connect the hinge pieces onto the blue trigger rod.

Step 6: Bands, Loading and Shooting.

1) The firing pin. I added the blue rod to the end for a better grip and cocking action. Remember to tape it on!.
2) The mag pusher and the elasitc band connecting it to the gun. I chose the pusher to be connected to the gun, to cut down on mag size. You just have to insert it when you load a mag. Add the bands that set the trigger and the one pulling the mag locking piece towards the gun, for a tight fitting mag.
3) Push in the mag, the flat side of semi circles facing the front of the gun, lock it in with the mag locker (suprisingly) pull back the firing pin until the trigger rod twists the blue piece infront of the pin, tap the mag pusher so you can here the bullet snap facing down the barrell and pukll on the trigger. Easy! To remove the mag, just pull the mag locker away from the mag and pull it out.



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    17 Discussions

    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks messy. I like the fact that you try to put the trigger block behind the mag, the average knexer would just make a regular trigger go in front of the mag.

    10 replies
    An VillainDJ Radio

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Not anymore, quite a few pistols have trigger blocks behind the magazine now. However I understand that was an old comment.