Knex M416-CQB

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This is the Knex M416-CQB I made. I was asking several people around the site if they'd like to collaborate on this project with me, but everyone was already busy with their own - the Knex community is pretty busy! - so I just did it on my own

It features a curved magazine, an adjustable stock with locking mechanism and automatic default adjustment, upper and lower rails - lower rails are built so that they look better on the gun and don't stuck abnormally high. Looks a bit more realistic, a true trigger, accurate handle shape/angle - VERY comfortable - and a completely unique concept for hand comfort. 

In the handle, I've included a small space for your thumb and pointer finger to rest, adding to the overall comfort. I have yet to see this concept applied on ANY gun thus far, so I think i'm the first to apply it :)

The stock adjustment mechanism is also my unique idea. I have a picture with the stock in default position and one moved back.

I have not created any of the attachments on the gun, but this gun is known for its multitude of add-ons. I hope to add a laser sight, a foregrip (once I design a strong enough one), and possibly a red dot sight. 

The full gun measurements:

Length with stock adjusted full - 2ft 7.5 inches
Length without stock adjustment - 2ft 5 inches
Height with magazine - 10 inches
Height without magazine - 8.5 inches

The magazine I am currently using is pretty high capacity. I'm working on making an internal design so that there isn't a long pusher underneath it. I am also considering making design modifications to make for connector/green rod ammunition, as this ammunition tends to have the minimal friction between bullets. It is currently built for white rods to maintain the accurate dimensions of the gun.

Range tests:

0 degree angle shot - 56 ft
angled shot - 73 ft

Overall it's a dang powerful gun. Although the original is bolt action, I have designed the fun so that the shape of the firing pin is the exact shape of the bolt, so it RESEMBLES the actual on in a primitive sense :)

Lemme know if you guys like it! If you want more pictures, be sure to comment and favorite! If i get enough requests, i'll post instructions


- Stock adjustment mechanism
- Thumb and trigger finger rests
- Bottom rails better shape than currently used rail design (ironman69 rails) - NOTE: I love Ironman69's rails, they are amazing! But i just thought the shape better suited the gun

I apologize! The gun is not an M14, it's actually an M416-CQB. Thank you TheAwesomestDude for correcting me! :)

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    11 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Wait. If I build this gun, may I either send you the instruction pics or post them so others can also build the gun?

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    Finally found a gun worth building! Can you post instructions


    6 years ago

    Where did you come from! This is awesome :D


    6 years ago

    Wow. It's really awesome! Please post it


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wicked! I can tell you put a lot of time in the little details.

    The only things I 'immediatly' see that are wrong is the exposed barrel height (though that may be for performance) and that it has no iron sights. Good job on the rest.


    6 years ago

    Your welcome, I know that you didnt mean to mess it up, just tryin to help