K'nex M1918A82 BAR

Introduction: K'nex M1918A82 BAR

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M1918A82 BAR

Used in WWII by the Allied forces, Mostly american.

My crown jewel.

My slingshot mechanizm at its most effective.

Loading the gun is a little bit of a problem but you can go hunting with this.

Wasnt able 2 make the mag.

But is good.

-Long range
-Good sights

-No mag
-Thats about it.

Step 1: Main Part & Barrel

Make sure you do the EXACT detail otherwise you may break your knex parts.

Step 2: Trigger

Figure it out by yourself.

Step 3: Lower Part


Step 4: Grip


Step 5: "Double Blazing"

Makes it look more realistic.

Step 6: Stock


Step 7: Lastic Bands

Step 8: Getting Ready to Load

Effective... Tricky, but effective...

Look at next step

Step 9: Loading

Step 10: What the Problem Is???

Maybe one day youll be as good as me.....

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    7 Discussions

    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    I forgot to put the pic in the comment

    14, 3:51 PM.jpg
    Doc Penguin
    Doc Penguin

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction


    instead tearing your gun to look better, improvise

    Keep trying and youll get there

    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    Hey I finished moding your sniper and I don't know why but the way i made your mech when you pull the trigger the bullet nose dives into the trigger and the rubber band slips, sorry I had really high hopes for it but unfortunately I am giving up. NOOOOOO I have failed :(

    Doc Penguin
    Doc Penguin

    Reply 5 years ago

    can yoilu comment here with pictures or videos??

    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    Reply 5 years ago

    It needed a longer barrel and I was going to make it look better but here it is I had a pain in the rear with trying to get the stock and barrel to be level with each other