Knex M47 Full Stock Shotgun/Rifle (with Actual Pump Action!!)

This is a great knex gun that has an actual pump!!!

It is also now auto reloadable!!!!!!!

This gun has that great shotgun feel. Also it is a block trigger attached to a real trigger with a string. I did that because block triggers can handle the most tension. Also this way you can have a pump action shotgun that auto-reloads. It is not very complicated so anyone can build it, even begginers.

Pump Action
Pretty Big mag
Shoots blues
shoots at least 50 ft.(with only 2 bands)

Don't Forget To Rate!!!

Here is my other video on knex guns

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Step 1: The Barrel, the Trigger, and the Magazine

Look at the pictures to make the barrel.

I would advise putting a rubber band now on the trigger because it will be difficult to do that latter on.

You will need decapitated grays on this.

Step 2: The Pump

Look at the pictures and build the pump.

Step 3: The Handle

Look at the pictures and build the handle.

This is one of the most sturdiest handles built.

Step 4: The Body/Frame of the Gun

This is the body/frame of the gun. i have the original body and the updated v2.0 body. just build the originall body then fix it up from the improvements from v2.0.

Step 5: Connecting the Parts

1. Connect the firing pin and the pump to the barrel.
2. Connect the barrel to the body/frame.
3. Connect the handle to the body/frame.
4. Attach the opptional ammo clip (wont be auto-reloadable)

Step 6: The True Trigger (optional)

This is an actual trigger with string attached to a block trigger.

Make sure that the string pulls the block trigger opposite the rubber bands!

Step 7: The 3 Different Versions of the Shotgun

Here are all three versions of this shotgun.

As you can see the gun is a pump action semi automatic gun now.

Step 8: Finished!!!

U are finished!!!

Now go shoot your younger sibling.

Just joking!!!



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    222 Discussions

    the dawg

    9 years ago on Introduction

    2 Years ago this was the first gun i ever made...and i thought it was brilliant.
    now i have realised the error of my ways, this is acutally pretty crap but 5*'s just because i have "fond" memories of it xP


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I made this gun it kept on broken around the pump what should I do


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Its more of a rifle, because it only fires one round, but I guess it could be a slug-shotgun (fires large, hard-hitting, single bullets)

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    4 stars because the trigger is odd and its just a block trigger but the rest of the gun gets a 5 and over all i give it 4 stars


    10 years ago on Step 1

    who is sdds anyway ?


    10 years ago on Introduction