Knex M47 Magazine, Sight, Bipod MOD




Introduction: Knex M47 Magazine, Sight, Bipod MOD

heres how to add a magazine to your M47.
  • doing this involves reworking the barrel and pump

Step 1: The Magazine

1. Make 2 of these
2. top view of step 1
3. connect the two pieces

Step 2: The Barrel

1. Make this
2. to make this you need to decapitate some grays. you cant use the pieces that are already like that they don't work. i suggest scissors and a file.
3. messed up on the final step you want to flip the 2nd step a full 180 so the red piece is opposite of were it is now

Step 3: Putting the Magazine On

1. its put together the same way the two orange rods hook into the two half moon pieces.
2. the magazine is put on by two green's (or blacks depending on what you have). it just slides in.

Step 4: The Pump

1. you can see how to build it very easy.
2. the two gray pieces you see are connected to the second set of greys or any other color in my case orange. anyways thats how it slides.
3. throw a yellow piece in the pump and put a grey there fill the space. that grey connects to the firing pin

Step 5: Clapsable Bi-Pod

just build it

Step 6: Sight

very simple

Step 7: Thats It

your finished



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    22 Discussions

    hall no man thats freaken sweet

    how come u didn't build v1.1 yet. its a lt stronger. and also the other guy who modded this gun. u should make mine and the other dude's mod.

    i was wondering if you could post a picture of this gun modded to the max with this mod. Make the picture so u can see the entire gun. thanks.

    1 reply