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Introduction: Knex M4A1

so yea first of all excuse my bad english, im from germany, after some hours i finished my m4a1 and im pretty proud of it ;) what do you think? i did some internals for you if youbwanna build it,

it shoots grey connectors and has a range of 120 feet with 5 64# rubber bands its pretty sturdy and a bit smaller than in real i think (about 80cm long)
what gun should i build next? write it in the comments ( no big snipers pls i dont have that much pieces )



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    thanks guys! yea i know its nit an exact replica it doesnt have the carry handle sight too i will start building the mp5 now, i post it in 1-2hours and thanks for the support i will keep building..!

    This gun is pretty nice. You did a good job, but I'd have to agree with myOmy, saying that there are already quite a few brilliant M4A1's out there. My suggestion for your next build would be a MP5 or MP5K or something like that...I'd like to see your spin on that.

    The gun looks really nice as a regular gun. But to say that it is a M4A1, I don't think that it is quite to that point yet. It is a good start, don't get me wrong, but it is not quite there. I think Raz1r Knex Bull3t and Blue Mullet 2 made probably the best M4A1s on the site. You might want to research a replica before you make one and take the best of all of previous attempts from other knexers and add your own versions of them to make it the best replica you can. I see good potential in you, keep at it.