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OK well One day I was over on some guy's instructable for an AK47 and after awhile I decided I'd try to make one with a working magezine. After some time toying with it for a couple days it finally turned into an Stg44. I wass able to modify the rubberband firing system by bedbugg2 so that it could fire full auto without losing the single shot option and the risk of bursts.
It does have full auto but it is too fast to use with ammo and fires in a big burst of rubberbands so can someone please help me in modding it to slow down to a more "controlled rate" as in that it always fires at the same speed not unpredictable.
Edit: dsman has been working on a crank for this mechanism so that you should be able to fire full auto in technical terms without having the big burst. I'm hoping to make a new gun with this system that will hopefully be more power efficient and accurate as well as cool looking.

I'm starting my new campaign for seeing who the best knexers are by seeing who is willing to add this list so please do the same with your Instructables or feel the shame of not being honest...yup whether you think so or not you aren't going crazy it's your conscience that's bothering you so post this exact same thing (or slightly modified paragraph) so that it may spread.
Started by TheDunkis

-Big burst option
-Large magazine
-True trigger I guess

-Needs 1 rubberband per bullet
-Last round will always jam
-Rubberband mech and stock we copied and modified from originals
-Rubberbands may not catch ammo and jam
-Full auto does not work properly and so can only be used as a big burst for rubberbands only

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Step 1: The Firing Mechansim

Ok sorry I couldn't get any more pictures on how I did it but you can find the original instructions in this instructable-
Just look at this picture to see what i did differently
-All you do for the trigger in this one is use a green connector and on the end of one side put a green rod. On the next one but a black nob with one side cut (yup this is how i made the full auto mod) with the side not cut closer to the green rod. Then add a white rod at the other end of the connector and thats it.
-it doesn't matter too much but i replaced the green connectors in the triangle pieces with red doesnt do much but i just did it.
-you might not see it but there is a blue rod to block the green connector trigger right in front of it. I would mark it but for some reason I can't drag notes.

Step 2: Handle

OK pretty simple just make two of the pieces and seperate them by white rods and then anything placed in between. Make sure that up at the top where you connect it to the gun that if you use anything to seperate the two parts that it's a black nob and that they are facing the same direction as the connectors or they will get in the way of the turning wheel.

Step 3: The Upper Magezine/mid Gun

OK this part is what connects all parts of the gun together. This is also where the ammo is fed into by the magezine.
1. Make two of these they hold the upper magezine.
2. Shouldn't be too hard to make this. You can also just use orange connectors for the ones on the snowflakes. At the time i was trying something out for make the magezine detachable with ease.
3. Place one of the #1 pieces on the gun
4. This may take some work but get all the white rods into each of the connectors holes.
5. Place the other piece on. This will be even more dificult so I recommend that you take of the whit rod connecting the gun parts (but leave the green) then put it back when you finally get it on. Don't worry this will be very stable when your done

Step 4: The Barrel

Ok well most of the barrel is just for looks and sorry but on this version I couldn't include sights because the ones I had previously just didn't work the way I wanted them to. The gun still lookes close without them.
1. The Top one is the real barrel on which the bullets launch on while the bottom one is the fake barrel for looks. (its a yellow rod with silver spacers if you couldn't tell)
2. Easy pattern make two of these for each side. then just connect with whie connectors pretty much any where but on the last yellow connector next the the green you need to have blue rods.
3. Bottom of barrel. Simple to make the bottom support just two red connectors two white and an orange connector. Then connect one of the red connectors to a white piece in front and the other to the bottom blue rod in back.
4. Top of barrel. Simply but the real barrel thing on the blue rod here.
5. Front of barrel just put the part on the white rod at the end.
6. Connect the whole thing to the snowflake here. The green connectors will fit in here fine but it may take just a little work to slide it in and connect it.
7. Support to the gun. Without this the barrel won't take many rubberbands. Simply put a red connector on each side and then a green rod should easily connect the snowflakes to the red connetors.

Step 5: Magezine

Ok well heres the good curved magezine we were talking about some time ago. It was orginally made to be detachable but you could just slip it off sideways or keep it on completly. I didn't feel like taking it apart so you'll have to figure it out yourself from the pictures.
1. Bottom part. explanation needed.
2. Make two of these. One goes on top and below the curve. Still simple.
3. Make two of these also. Support for the curve. Connect them to the top snowflake parts.
4. Here's the magezine put together completly. You can replace the black nobs up top with green connectors to connect it to the gun. You'll probably want to rubberband or tape the curved area otherwise it has a tendency for the white rods to lift over onto the snowflakes.
5. Notice the curve. It uses a hinge with the top connected by white rod and the bottom by green. I used spacers so the ammo wouldn't jam on the orange connector.
6. The other hinge is just connected by two green rods. place a whte rod with a tan connector in bewtween the grey connectors with the tooth in the bottom whole. this will give more support.

Step 6: Loading

Ok well this is it. It may take awhile to load the gun and honestly I'm not sure how many heavy duty rubberbands you can get on here before it collapses but I'm pretty sure you could get at least 6 or so and probably more.
1. This is where you connect the magezine. You can see what my plan was for a removeable magezine but the snowflakes dont like it that way so I just use green rods. If you chose to you can also connect the orange rods you have there.
2. You place the rubberband up here. Also if you want to fire just rubberbands you can get rid of the last orange connector and then put the rubberband on the yellow connectors.
3. Pull the band back to a peg on the wheel. Crank it back once and load another rubberband for every shot.
4. Sorry forgot to add the picture earlier make picture #6 and then put it up here for looks, accuracy, and for ammo loading.
5. Ammo autoloader. Depending on how much ammo you have place the rubber band on either the lowest white rod or the second lowest on the side with no black nobs.
6. Make this for #4. Shouldn't be hard to figure out.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that if you do want to use more than one removeable magezine for like a knex battle or something then put a rod through the top hole and load it like normal and adding the autoload part. Then when you attach the magezine simply remove the rod and hopefully (I havn't tried it out yet) it should load in the gun like normal.

And that's it!! Enjoy the weapon!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Feel like a total a-hole looking back at those comments from 09'. Now that I look at it in 11'. This was a great gun and I was just so full on ego-mode that I didn't realize that this was better than mine in many ways.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It's the cycle of K'nexing. You make something and you'll have so much pride in it that you overrate it. Then you make better things and realize just how crappy your last projects were. This Stg wasn't the greatest gun but I loved it when I first posted it. I was pretty competitive before, now I just don't care about what feedback my guns get or who else is making what. In fact, I just don't have time to K'nex much anymore.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    and? I've made one too. Check out my forum topic by clicking on my name and scrolling down. You'll tell by the title. Does yours even work?