Introduction: Knex MSBS

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Hey guys, I'm back with another gun. So I had gotten into a problem where I just couldn't turn out a gun. I tried and tried and tried but always failed. So I decided to try something I hadn't before. I hadn't built a bullpup replica yet so I set out to do just that. I started searching the web for a bullpup to build and I got a glance of a gun and just stopped. I had found the perfect gun, The MSBS. After I got started I realized that this gun was also in COD Ghost. This gun was my favorite gun in Ghost but then Ghost died so I left and haven't played it in several months.
I based my gun on the real MSBS but I added the slanted fore grip like in Ghost.

Looks great

10 round capacity

I tried a set up similar to handle fed pistols but it gets horrible range of 10 feet


8 layers thick

My custom red dot

Credit to the red book of westmarch for his slated fore grip

So that's it guys please tell me what you think in the comments!



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    Well I think you chose the only bullpup I didn't mention,(btw I know there are 1000's more)

    Looks fantastic, frankly I don't like 8 layers the OCD part of me kicks in telling me it is all wrong non the less I think it is a great gun

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    Wow, lol sorry for the really, really, really, late reply. Well I had looked at most of the guns you mentioned and just never did like the looks. I probably wouldn't have built this if I didn't like it so much in ghost. Did you ever play ghost? I actually liked it despite everyone saying ghost was garbage. I stopped playing because no one else was and could never get into a lobby. Thanks though! I like 8 layer guns, there really sturdy and makes them look better IMO. Do you have any uploads planed for the future?

    Well, for some reason Gmail, didn't tell me anybody had commented, but anyways... yeah I did kinda like ghosts, it wasn't the bast but could of been worse.

    As for the future, really I don't know, I haven't had any inspiration to build a knex gun, I have building 'DIY KIT telecaster guitar', which takes up my time, but I don't think this is the end of me. I will build again, at some point.

    I may post the guitar as well, but we'll see

    thanks for following me! epic gun BTW!!

    Random question: did u paint the white gear or do they make them that color (I know of blue grey and tan but not white)

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    This is a great gun
    Can i make a review of this gun on my own channel
    I give you a credit

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    Well I doubt you have enough pieces to build this, it probably uses over 700 green rods. But if you think you can build it then go ahead.

    It looks great man! I've been there when it comes to guns failing over and over again :)

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    Can you make instructions i love this style of guns

    I like the function, but not always the looks. I really prefer more traditional looking guns of wood and metal. My tastes are much different then other people it seems. To me a lever action or good single shot is nicer looking then any polymer framed 30 round magazine 5.56 lead spewing red dot sighted semi auto.

    I love the AR 15. I also love the function of a bullpup. But levers are where it's at for me.

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    I also love traditional guns, in fact I just bought a ethica model 1872 lever action. It chambers 45 long colt and its action is amazing. I love it.