Paper Airplane Launcher Mac 10 Mod

Introduction: Paper Airplane Launcher Mac 10 Mod

Do you like knex guns?
do you like paper airplanes?
do you have a knex Mac 10 laying around?
well now you can shoot almost ANY paper airplane with a Mac 10 gun!
with this instructable (my first) I will show you how to easily modify
your gun's slide into a paper airplane- launching beast!
depending on your airplane, you can get anywhere from 10-25 feet launch!
( pretty good for a paper airplane gun) (relatively accurate too.)
Also, still has trigger firing so you can still shoot knex pieces and the plane launcher has trigger too.

Step 1:

all you need is two red right angle connectors and a yellow rod, two grey 1/4 connectors,and maybe pliers for easier connection.

Step 2: Dissassembly

First, take out the two white and tan pieces connected to the two seperate ends of the slideand take them out, leaving the connected red pieces in the back Of the gun in, but taking the two red pieces at the front out. Then take the white rod out of the three orange connectors in the ram.

Step 3: Ram Mod

Attach the yellow rod as shown then attach the red connector to the other end, aiming the open part up. As you see  in the second pic, attach the middle of the red connector as far back on the rod as you can. Also, add the two grey 1/4 connectors to where're you took out the reds at the top of the gun.

Step 4: Paper Airplane Mod

Yes, you have to mod your paper airplane to shoot it in this gun.  Just tape the fold in the back, so that the pusher doesn't shoot inside the plane. From my limited paper airplane experience, it works with almost every paper airplane with one middle fold.  You are done! Switching  the type of airplane can change launch speed, range, and the way it flies(obviously). Thanks and feel free to give me any ways you improved the mod.

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    4 years ago

    cool mod! might make a mac 10 again and mod it!