K'nex Machine Pistol: Refuge + Instructions

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Nothing says tactical like my new machine pistol. With a high contrast front sight ideal for low light conditions, a large caliber internal magazine, and comfy grip, this is a K'nex gun that is a whole lot of fun.

The weapon is capable of launching yellow rods over fifty feet with two bands out of a magazine that is slyly concealed in the front barrel area.

Since I wanted the gun to have a machine pistol look, I gave it a faux small caliber extended magazine. The use of only one cut rod means that you can build it and not have to take half a dozen rods to the hacksaw. To make it still more builder friendly, I am including a part list, so you can be sure you have all the required rubber bands and K'nex parts.

Refuge could be one of the most modular K'nex gun I have ever build, with the ability to change calibers without changing the looks, low profile tactical rails on the upper barrel and receiver for scope mounting, and a rail under the barrel for a bi-pod or fore-grip. You can even modify the faux barrel to shoot blue clips. The back of the gun is set up to easily accommodate a stock, and the barrel is simple to extend, if you want to.

This gun is also my second entry to the K'nex Contest, and it would mean a lot to me to give me a vote. :)

Some credit goes to Instructables Member Lucas_The_Boss for the idea of the concealed magazine.


Looks great.

Shoots 50 feet.

Very reliable.

Good comfort.

Nice sights.

Concealed yellow rod magazine.


Does not need a lot of pieces.


One cut rod.

No removable magazine.

So... lets get to the part list shall we?

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Step 1: Part List.

Here is the list of all the parts you need. If you want information on if a part is needed or can be substituted, just ask. :)

Green rods: 102

White rods: 55

Blue rods: 2

Yellow rods: 4

Black rod: 1

Yellow connectors: 44

White connectors: 20

Green connectors: 7

Red connectors: 14

Grey connectors: 4

Orange connectors: 20

Y connectors: 7 (If you don't have many of these, you just need the one in the internal magazine and the two in the handle.)

Grey clips: 11

Tan clips: 3

Blue clip: 1

Ball socket halves: 2 (Both of these may be substituted with orange connectors.)

Silver spacers: 3

Blue spacers: 10

#64 rubber bands: 3

#32 rubber bands: 8

Cut white rod: 1

Step 2: Internals and Faux Magazine.

This step should be fairly easy. Just follow the pictures. The pictures might be a little grainy, but I did the best I could considering I only have a cell phone for picture taking. Put the internals to the side when you are finished and go on to the next step.

Step 3: Handle.

In this step you will build the handle. Very simple. :)

Step 4: Putting the Parts Togeather.

Just like the title says.

Step 5: Pin and Use.

Here you will build the pin and learn how to use your new gun.

To shoot, put four yellow rods in the internal magazine. Add the magazine pusher and band as show. Pull the pin back, and pull the trigger.

Have fun! :)

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It's right in front of the fake magazine. If you look under the "pin and use" step 5, you can see how the magazine is loaded.


4 years ago

would you mind if I used the mech out of this gun? 'u'

1 reply

4 years ago

I built this gun great design eccept the loading part with mine the rubber and is either to loose or to tight so the bullet doesn't come out

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Huh, ok. Are you using the same rubber bands as I did? Make sure there is enough power on the pin, to overcome the friction of the other bullets in the magazine. You just need enough pressure on the magazine pusher to load a bullet when the pin is pulled back, so you might try a looser band on the magazine pusher.

If you have the time, I would love a "I Made it!" comment with a picture or two. :)

Lucas The Boss

4 years ago

Oops forgot to
Comment, anyway the gun looks great! Is the mag a fake mag to hold yellow rods in a concealed mag? You gave me credit for the internal mag, I never told you about it....

Hmmm I think you blue mullet and myomy have something in common lol lets see if you can guess.

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CorgiCritterLucas The Boss

Reply 4 years ago

Thanks, you never told me about it, but I saw it on your R700 instructable.

And yes, I can guess.

Lucas The BossCorgiCritter

Reply 4 years ago

Oh I forgot that I put a internal mag on my 700, lol I don't even know my own guns.

Lucas The BossCorgiCritter

Reply 4 years ago

I know I just wanted to give you a hard time since every thinks your DarkOwl :D

sonic broom

4 years ago on Introduction

Looking good now I have one more thing I want to build after the contest! got any ideas for a new gun i should make?