Knex - Man

Introduction: Knex - Man

This is my first instructable so pls constructive critiscm (soz for spelling)and i decided to go with my man (Mr. Knex). It has very simple instructions and is a great thing to make. It doesn't have that many pieces it takes about 1 and a half full sets due to the amount of bars. Anyway lets get the pro's and con's.

You can alter mouth expressions.
Same features as a normal man.
Pretty life size (for a child).
Good fun to make.

Bit wobbly.
Neck unstable.

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Step 1: Legs

So here's the leg at the end you'll have to go back and make another one but anyway i tryed to make the instructions as easy as possible just comment if you need more pics so anyway here's what they sre and what you need to do.

1- Whole leg
2- Parts for one leg
3- Build / Front of leg
4- Build / Back of leg
5- Build all / Parts of foot.
6- Attach front and back of lleg together as shown
7/8- Attach parts of foot together as shown.
9- Attach foot to leg

Step 2: Body

Here's the main part of the model, the body, i tried to make it as simple as possible but you tell me if you need more pics. so lets start on what to do and what it is.


1- Whole body                                    9- Build                                                       17- Build
2- Parts                                              10- Build                                                      18- Zoom in on 17
3- Build                                              11- Build                                                      19- Build
4- Build                                              12- Zoom in on 11                                       20- Attach 
5- Zoom in on 4                                 13- Attach                                                    21- Attach
6- Build                                              14- Attach                                                    22- Attach as shown
7- Attach                                            15- Build                                                      23- Attach as shown
8- Attach                                            16- Differnet angle of 15                             24- Zoom on finished body

Step 3: Arms

So here's the arms they're pretty simple, i tried to make them evely balanced and life like so with ouy further a do lets see what you have to do

1- Whole arm
2- Parts for 1 arm
3-Build back of arm
4- Build middle of arm
5- Build top of arm..
6-Zoom in on fingers( pic 5)
7- Attach 3 and 4 together
8- Side view of 7
9- Attach
10- Go BAck to 3 or you only have 1 arm

Step 4: Head

Here's the face or head I thought it was very good idea for it is round and has eyes a nose and an adjustable mouth so please comment if you think it's as clever as i thought. So lets get to what to do and how to do it.


1- Whole head                     10- attach
2- Parts of heads                 11- attach
3- build                                 12- attach
4- build                                 13- attach
5- build                                 14- smiley face
6- build                                 15- sad face
7- build                                 16- confused face
8- build                                 17- straight face
9- build

Step 5: Assembly

So here's the big finale the assembley is pretty simple and easy just connect every thing as shown then it will be just fine.


1- Fully assembled man                                         10- Connect the head
2- Connect one leg.                                                11- Close up on head attachement.
3- Close up on leg attachment.                               You're now officially done so enjoy your new friend.
4- Connect up second leg.
5- Close up on leg attachment.
6- Attach one arm
7- Close up on arm attachment
8- Attach second arm
9- Close up on arm attachment.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    one tip for this step. for pictures 6 and 7 make a note saying to build each of these seperatly. this is because when I build this I made pic no.6 then added on to that in number 7. then when I got to picture 12 I realized That 6 and 7 are different pieces.
    but overall, great instructable and knex man is proudly standing in my bedroom


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome! I am going to build it right now.
    5 stars for great instructable