Knex Noise Shaker

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This is a knex noise maker that I build, and it rattles when you shake it. There are wheels in the middle that move back and forth when you shake it, thus producing a rattle sound. It is very loud if you shake it really hard.

Step 1: Parts Count


Dark Grey - 2

Orange - 4

Green - 40

Purple 3D - 4

Blue 3D - 4

White - 5


Green - 40

White - 20

Blue - 4

Grey - 5


Tan Clips - 4

Blue Spacer - 1

Small Wheel (See Pic 2) - 4

Big Wheel ( See Pic 2) - 4

Step 2: The Top

Pic 1: Make this circle.

Pic 2: Make this rattle part.

Pic 3: Connect the rattle to the circle.

Pic 4: Add these on the top of the circle.

Pic 5: Put a white connector at the top.

Pics 6 and 7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the bottom.

Step 3: The Handle

Pic 1: Build the handle.

Pic 2: Slide this rod through the middle of the ball.

Pics 3-5: Add the connectors that are in the pictures.

Pic 6: Put a blue spacer and a tan clip at the end of the rod.

Pic 7: Slide the handle on the bar and hold it there with a grey connector.

Step 4: You Are Done!

Shake this thing and it will rattle. This will annoy some people, but not as good as my knex annoying machine.



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