Knex Metal Guitar

This is a metal guitar made of knex. Its very cool and strong. The strings are rubberbands under high pressure. If you want another guitar post it in the comments

the strap is a guitar hero strap

this instructable is for master-splinter306 because he has a reaction to every instructable i have

thanks master-splinter306

i hope you like the instructable and i see you next time

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    Hmmmm, the body seems to be almost the same as this one, with some very minor changes.

    I'd say you start adding some credits to your descriptions, as almost nothing you post seems to be entirely original, no offense.

    1 reply

    i didn't knew that there was a metel knex guitar. i made it from a picture from a jackson kelly

    the knex gun boy

    4 years ago

    This can be your Moms face (joking) this target i've shoot with my compound bow

    photo-30-07-15 10:59.jpg
    Knextremely stupid

    4 years ago

    Wow this is cool keep up the good work and keep the community alive I would like to see more I favorited