K'nex Micro B-Wing - Star Wars

About: Instructable maker of Star Wars Micro Models.Loves to build and experiment with k'nex to make awesome creations.Email@symbadx37@gmail.com

Hello! This is my new K'nex Micro B-wing, and it has moving parts as well! The wings (or s-foils) move up and down just like in the movies.It also is a pretty simple build, but i made instructions for it anyway.Good luck and happy building!


Step 1: Parts

K'nex Rods:

1x Blue rod

8x Black/Green rods

9x White/Gray rods


K'nex Connectors:

2x Black/White semicircle connectors

5x Gray/Yellow Five-way connectors

3x Gray/Red Three-way connectors

2x Gray Two-way connectors


K'nex Clips/Other

6x K'nex black connector clips

2x K'nex black ball joint clips

1x K'nex gray one-way clip

1x K'nex gray small crown gear

2x K'nex men mouth black

1x K'nex men head black

Step 2: Base Stucture

As followed in the pictures. In this step you star by building the base structure of the B-wing, and then you build the cockpit.This step is the longest, but by far most important step of this model.

Step 3: The Bottom Wing

As followed in the pictures.In this step, you build and attach the bottom wing to the spacecraft.This step took me the least amount of time to make, but it is also very important to the build.

Step 4: The Wings

As followed in the pictures.This is the final step of the build,of where you build the wings or s-foils,and then attach the wings to the craft and then you complete the model.Congrats!



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