K'nex Micro Lamba Class Shuttle - Star Wars

About: Instructable maker of Star Wars Micro Models.Loves to build and experiment with k'nex to make awesome creations.Email@symbadx37@gmail.com

Hello! This is my attempt at the Star Wars Lamba Class Shuttle,and i think it turned out good. It has movable wings, a cockpit and landing gear. This model however, does use a rubber band to keep the cockpit in place. The landing gear and top wing are quite fragile though. Good luck and happy building!

Step 1: Parts

K'nex Connectors:

3x Gray/Red Three-way connectors

4x White/Black Eight-way connectors

7x Gray/Yellow Five-way connectors

5x Gray Two-way connectors


K'nex Rods:

2x Blue rods

13x White/Gray rods

12x Black/Green rods


K'nex Clips/Other

2x Gray One-way clip

5x Black ball joint clip

7x Black connector clip

1x Black ball socket clip

1x Elastic rubber band

Step 2: The Hull and Cockpit

As followed in the pictures.In this step you build the hull of the ship and then the cockpit.This is the main parts of the build and the most important parts too.The next step is where you will build the wings.

Step 3: The Wings

As followed in the pictures.This step is the shortest of them all, but this step is what makes the shuttle fly:)

Step 4: Final Assembly

As followed in the pictures.This is the final step of where you take the top and side wings, attach them to the hull,and then the cockpit goes on as well.I hope you like this model, and as always, May The Force Be With You!



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