Knex Micro Uzi

I have been working on this gun for quite a while and now it is perfect!
I have also made another handgun that doesn't even have a removable mag,that gun has an even harder pull back and doesn't shoot as far,What the?...

...Back to the Uzi,

Nice mag with very nice mag lock
Great range for a handgun(will put range here when i measure it, cant be bothered right now)
Easy pull back for the power it puts out
Hardly ever jams(which is common when you use blue clips for bullets

When it jams its such a pain to get it right
Not a true trigger,i don't know how to make true triggers -.-
I'm not the best with shaping, so tell me if its looks a bit more like another gun
Umm lets see..
...Nah cant think of anything else :D


P.S. Tell me if you want more pics, and of what.


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