K'nex Micro X-Wing - Star Wars

About: Instructable maker of Star Wars Micro Models.Loves to build and experiment with k'nex to make awesome creations.Email@symbadx37@gmail.com

Hello! This is my k'nex micro x-wing, and i am very proud of how it turned out.This is more of a complicated build, but almost all k'nex builders could easily build this model.Good luck and happy building!

Step 1: Parts

K'nex Rods:

1x Blue rod

14x White/Gray rods

8x Black/Green rods


K'nex Connectors:

2x Black/White semicircle connectors

4x Red Three-way connectors

4x Gray Two-way connectors

1x Gray Three-way connector

1x Black vertical Two-way connector


K'nex Clips/Other:

1x Gray K'nex One-way clip

1x Blue K'nex smooth clip

4x Black K'nex connector clips

8x Black K'nex ball joint clips

4x Red K'nex men head pieces


Step 2: The Base

As followed in the pictures. For this step, you first start making the base or hull of the X-wing, and then you work your way to the nose and cockpit.This is the longest step, but most important step of the build.

Step 3: The Wings

As followed in the pictures.In this step, you construct the four wings of the X-wing and get ready to assemble them on to the main base of the X-wing.

Step 4: Final Assembly

As followed in the pictures.This is the final step, of where you attach the wings on to the main body of the X-wing. Do note that the wings can move, allowing them to go from flight mode to attack mode, making the shape of the"X". I hope you enjoy this model as much as i do!



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