K'nex Milk Crate

About: Hi! Im tombuckey. I live in Liverpool, England. I build knex ball machines from my own ideas and also build other peoples knex guns. I have a Youtube account just type in Tombuckey in the search bar and all...

We were having promblems keeping our milk bottles upright, so i decide to try and solve the problem. I created this, A K'nex milk bottle crate. It can hold upto 4 milk bottles and has the strength to hold 4 full bottles.
Lets get building!

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Step 1: First Section

Picture 1: Build
Picture 2: Second Angle
Pay close attention to the placement of green (or black) and white (or silver) rods. Also pay attention to the base pattern.

Step 2: Second Section

Picture 1: Build
Picture 2: Second Angle
Again pay close attention to the placement of the rods and the base pattern.

Step 3: Center Piece

Should be easy.

Step 4: Handle

Picture 1: Everything you need.  
Picture 2: place together as shown.

Step 5: Handle [2]

Picture 1: Build
Picture 2:Second angle

Step 6: Handle [3]

Connect them as shown. Remeber the spacers.

Step 7: Connecting

Picture 1: They should be in this potion.
Picture 2: Connect as shown.

Step 8: Adding the Handle

It can be connected in and direction.
You have now finished! Now you can keep your milk bottles from falling!
Thanks for building! if you liked it Comment and Rate! If you want more, Subscribe!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol, they still deliver bottles at home? I thought you can only buy them at the supermarket...

    Anyways, nice instructable. Just something simple and unique.

    1 reply

    I like the idea very much.
    I'll give it 4.5* because the looks could be a little bit better.
    It looks strong enough to hold some bottles, I will try it out soon. =]

    2 replies