Knex Mini-Uzi

Introduction: Knex Mini-Uzi

About: I am a guy from Holland, and i love knex and lego, for knex, especially guns. BTW thnx to all my 40 subbers, you guys rock =D expect more from me.

Time for a gun from my slide show! The Mini-Uzi!
It's a small gun, so it doesn't uses a lot of pieces, however it does use some rare parts
the range varies, it depends on howmany bullets you fire, for 1 bullet range is about 3-4 meters, for 2 bullets , range is about 5-6 meters and for 3 bullets (the maximum) it's about 7-8 meters

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Step 1: Pieces List

Here's a list with the parts needed:
This is a list for the gun and 5 pieces of ammo
dark gray con: 10
red (corner) con: 11
yellow con: 40
white (round) con: 8 (for the Acog you need 6 more)
Orange con: 18
green: 83
white: 43
blue: 3
yellow: 1
gray: 3
Tan clip: 6
Metallic clip: 1
Female Ball con: 1
Male Ball con: 1
blue spacers: 2

Step 2: The Handle / Mag

This is how to make The Handle / Mag
1: what u are making
2: make both panels
3: make these
4: make those little thingys
5: put together like so
6: gather
7: put withe rods in one of the panels
8: put the insides in
9: put other panel on
10: put that thing on
11: keep those close, they are for the assembly
done, Yaay!

Step 3: The Trigger Mechanism

Time to make the Trigger
1: what you are making
2:make these
3:connect with two red cons
4:put blue rod in
5: put tan clips on the blue rod
Tadaa, a nice trigger

Step 4: Main Body

time to make the main pice of this gun: the body
1: what u are making
2: make these two panels
3: make all the insides
4: gather
5: put white rods on the places shown on the picture
6: put the insides in to place
7: put on the other panel
8: grab the blue rod with a tan clip on it
9: put it in like so
10: put two other tan clips on on the other side
done, yaay!

Step 5: Inside and Outside Rails + Extras

aaah, a kin of break, a very easy step, just make what is in the pics

Step 6: Assembly

Yay, done building!
onto assembly!
1: grab these
2: remove these from the handle
3: connect
4: put the four green rods you had apart in on both sides
5: put the things you removed on pic 2 in again
6: grab the trigger
7: slide it in like so
8: and connect it
9: grab the inside and outside rails
10: slide in like so
11: and connect it on top (on the Y-clips)
12: grab the firing pin
13: slide it in
14: grab these rubber bands
15: put them on like so
16: put a rubber band on the trigger
yay! you have just completed your uzi! on to firing!

Step 7: Loading, Putting Extras on and Firing

how to load, put your acog on and how to fire
1: to load, simply put as many as you want and can of dark gray cons in the handle
2: put the mag pusher in and put an elastic on it as shown on the next pic
3: grab your acog
4: to put it on, remove this dark gray con
5: and simply connect it , make sure the y-clip on the acog is attached on the rails
6: to fire, pull the ram back until you hear two clicks, and slowly put the ram on the just loaded ammo ( this pic shows a loaded gun with one piece of ammo loaded )
7: to get better power, do the same as last pic, but pull back again to load a second pice of ammo (the pic shows how that looks)
8: for the best power you can get with this gun, load 3 pieces of ammo at the same way as the last pics (the pic shows how it should look)
Now pull the trigger to fire!

Step 8: You Are Done!

youre done! I hope you like my gun, feel free to comment weak spots and things that can be done better! dont forget to rate!

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    17 Discussions


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    even my assasins poison dart gun, which looks real bad but shoots up to 10 meters (!) which is pretty dang good for a gun the size of a gray rod, is better


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    and at least Knex Gun Builder, and most other appreciate that i do my best and at least try something that actually works and looks a bit good

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It doesn't look like you tried your best here. I've seen your slideshow, your guns there were much better than this.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i deleted my other reply, cuz i looked at my other slideshows, and your right, it is pretty bad, altrought mine is better than MOST, not all, uzis if it goes to system

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    There are a lot of uzis that are better than this IMO. Several happen to be unintentional replicas but still.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    do u mean i am a bit obsessed by COD? than your quite right :D