Knex Missile Launcher

Introduction: Knex Missile Launcher

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 My first Missile instructable. Pretty decent for my second gun i think and i think the_burrito_master deserves my thanks for the idea for the slide but the firing mechanism is mine.  Sorry about the blurry first picture, my camera isn't too good.

Another Thing to Add. This was made a few years ago so it has been long gone. i just thought that i would share it to attempt to inspire someone to try to build it (It's not a complete instructable). It's been in my unpublished section for years so here it is!

Rate and Comment as you please!

Step 1: The Shoulder Rest

 The back is reasonably simple and follows a slight pattern. Just follow the pictures. Pic 1-3 is part 1. Pic 4-8 is part 2. Pic 9-10 is part 3. Pic 11 all together

Step 2: The Sight

Easy piece. Just follow the pics 

Step 3: The Slide Holder

 Bit tricky this piece but i have split it into sections. Pics 1&2 is part 1. Pics 3&4 is part 2. Pics 5&6 is part 1&2 put together.

Step 4: The Slide

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    6 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No idea, i didn't measure it but from the sheer power of it i'd say a good 25 meters at least.(i did have a huge elastic band admittedly, which is not a common find)
    My trigger mechanism probably aided in that as it was so smooth.
    Cheers for the comment.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Okay, I measure my guns range. My first on shot about 250ft.