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Hello everyone!

Here is the new version of my miter saw. The meganism is updated which makes sure the blade guard goes up and down faster wile moving the saw part. After I saw 39 shadowman's miter saw i was like: I can build such a thing to and tada here it is. I really hope you guys like it and have fun with it after building.

Here is a video of it

Here is Shadowman's miter saw

edit: it reached 4.5 stars thanks for everyone who voted

Step 1: The Parts List

Here are the parts you need to build the saw

Green- 113
White- 93
Blue- 193
Yellow- 69
Red- 12
Bendi yellow- 2
Bendi grey- 4
Total Rods: 486


Dark grey- 12
Light grey- 2
Red- 36
Green- 3
Yellow- 45
White- 51
Orange- 43
Purple- 122
Blue- 52
Total connectors: 366


Blue spacer- 43
Silver spacer- 24
Blue gear- 2
Red gear- 7
K'nex motor- 1
Mettalic blue clip- 2
Micro knex chain links- 49 ( can also be normal knex chain links)
Triangle panels- 2
Tan clips- 9
Rubber band- 2
String- 2
Total others: 141

Total: 995
If you have these parts, let's get building!!!

Step 2: The Saw Base

This is the base on which the saw will rest. It costst a lot of blue rods but just get started and then the first step is done

Step 3: The Meganism

This is the most complicated part of the saw but it isn't a lot of work so let's get building

Step 4: The Base Top

This is the most easiest step in the instructable so just look carefully at the pictures and the base is done !!!!!

Step 5: The Plating

This part of the innstructable isn't necesarry but it just makes the saw looks nicer

Step 6: The Saw, Part 1

This is the first part of the which also has the motor

Step 7: The Saw, Part 2

This is the upper part of the saw. This is also the part in wich the blade and the blade guard will be.

Step 8: Attaching the Saw to the Base

Just attach the saw to the base

Step 9: The Rubber Bands and the String

Just put the rubber band where it says to but READ THIS:  THE STRING MUST BE AT HIS MOST THIGHT WHEN THE SAW IS UP

Step 10: You Are Finished!!!

Congragulations, you finished the saw. Now turn the motor on and press it down and see how the blade guard goes up.
Have fun with it. You may put it on the internet but you must give credits to me.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    i`am going to build it!!! no panels and the green motor :DDD thanks for make this.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No but they are connected to the blade guard to make sure the two sides goo up but if you plaace another rubber band at the other side of the saw then they won't be neccessary

    Thanks for my 50th comment!!!

    knex zaat 004.JPG

    Thanks for building it, If you send me the picture I will add it to the last step
    Also Thanks for the 5 stars!!!!


    Yes, But then you need to find a solution for the space because of the growns of the yellow gears, So i really recomment the red gears at the part where the chain is on But for the other parts it really doesn't matter.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice job! It's great to finally see a build process for this project :-)

    Putting the link for the YouTube video is great; you can also, if you want, embed the video directly into your I'ble. Use the little "filmstrip" icon to get a popup box, where you paste the embed XML from YouTube. On the YouTube side, make sure you select Use old embed codes, because I'bles software doesn't know how to parse the new iframe syntax.