Knex Mothers Day Flower

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Hello! Here is a Knex sunflower for Mother’s Day! I based this idea off gargemel Knex, with a few mods. 90% credit goes to gargemel!

Not many pieces
Doesn’t look too bad

Uses a lot of yellow connectors
Uses those purple bendy rods

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Step 1: Piece List

Green 37 (I always say one more than what I counted)
White 12
Purple blue-length bendy rods 4
Grey length neon bendy rods 1

Red 8
Yellow 12
Grey 9
Blue 1
White 6

Tan clips 3

Step 2: Le Pot

Just build the following

Step 3: The Flower

Kinda tricky. Just follow the pics

Step 4: Gift

Congratulations! Now you can put this in your mother’s room and surprise her with it!

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