Once, we had a dream. That dream was to make a machine. We did it. It took us less than an hour. This is how. Our master team of Builders, Hunter, Bryan, James, and Billy, stood in a dark alleyway and chanted, looking for some dark entity to gift us the schematics. When that failed, we did this.

Step 1: Part I: Find KneX

In order to make this wonderful device, you will need to find, steal, buy, or sell your Kidneys and get:


A Motor


Thank you.

Step 2: Part II: Build

For now, building is an important first (second) step. We start with a motor. You then take that motor, and put a long red KneX piece inside it. Add on some brown and grey pieces onto those. After you've done that, check the first three pictures to make sure that your design matches what we are talking about. awesome.

Now, we shove that off the table and slam on some tires. Specifically, KneX tires. Add some blue bits and purple bits. Cool.

Now, gently rise the part you earlier threw off the table and place it once again on the table. thanks.

Step 3: Step IV: Step It Up, the Movie

Now that you've got a tire and a motor with stuff on it, we can move on. This is the most important step, being the 4th step. The 4th. Not the 3rd.

Add some yellow gear-wheels to the project. There should also be some brown bits next to it to as well. Cool.

Step 4: Step V: the Empire Strikes Back

This is the final part of the building process, at least using KneX. We're almost there.

However, this is where things get more complicated. We need some purple bits, and some red bits, and we need to connect them to the big bit you've already built. after that, you're nearly done. congrats. You may proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Step VI: Motor Skills and Wrapping Up (This Is a Pun)

Okay, so there's more you need to do. I lied. You need to add the tire to grey sticks and attach those to the motor bits. Now you're done.

Here we go. We're done. After this step, we part ways. I'll miss you.

Congrats. I'm so proud of you. Goodbye.

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun build, good job! :)