Knex Mouse Trap





Introduction: Knex Mouse Trap

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This is an awesome creation I made. Hope you like it!

Step 1: The Wacker

This is is the thing that kills the mouse.

Step 2: Tigger

When this is pulled up, it will make the whacker hit the mouse.

Step 3: Front

This is what the mouse stands on

Step 4: Middle

This holds the trigger.

Step 5: Back

This holds the wacker.

Step 6: Contruction

Step 7: How to Work It

Put a piece of cheese on the orange connecter of the trigger, and your sure to catch that pesky mouse!!!



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    cool and it hurts

    So lemme guess- this traps a K'nex mouse? Cause I have a feeling it won't trap a real one, lol. Neat idea though.