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Hey guys, now instead of doing my usual routine where I use pictures of K'nex guns from other Instructables members to build my own versions of theirs and then write a review on it but I have done something completely different.

Because I do enjoy playing Call Of Duty: Zombies alot, I got the idea to build this when youtuber ZaziNombies made his own Mystery Box out of over 10,000 lego pieces and it thought to myself that I could make one out of K'nex and I knew the dimensions for one.

Anyway let's talk about the Mystery Box, basically it appears in every single zombies map and what it does is, it gives you a random weapon for 950 points. After the Mystery Box has been used several times a teddy bear appears and it moves the box to a different location in the map and you get your money refunded as well. If you pick up a Fire Sale power up, the box will spawn at every possible location and the price is reduce just to 10 points but this will only last for 30 seconds.

Parts List

Green Rods - 3187

White Rods - 2166

16mm Black Rods - 34

32mm Black Rods - 32

White Connectors - 780

Black 8-Way Connectors - 28

Blue Connectors - 962

Yellow Connectors - 129

Red Connectors - 6

Purple Connectors - 1110

Hinge Black Half - 33

Hinge Blue Half - 33

Total - 8500

Good Points

· Looks Like The Real Thing

· Doesn't Use Any Cut Pieces

· Does Included The Question Marks That Appear On The Lid

· Does Open And Close

· When It Open's It Creaks Like The Real Thing


· Height - 27cm

· Length - 120.8cm

· Width - 27.3cm

Overall I 'am very pleased with my Mystery Box, and is the only one on Instructables that is made out of K'nex when it is compared to the ones that are usually made out of wood.

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    47 Discussions

    Yeah, I could buy more pieces, but I am saving up to buy a .22 in the future.

    Also, you say that you volunteer at the Warwickshire Air Ambulance. What kind of work are you doing there? Also, the ? marks on the top of the box are very cleverly done.

    Well Corgi its basically voluntry work so I don't get paid but for 3 days a week, I help on the till and sometimes go out on the van to help collect and deliver furniture but I have been saving up my money for years which is why I own quite a lot of K'nex. Yes you are right about the ? marks coming out well. This .22, will it be either a pistol or rifle.

    Ok, thanks for explaining about your volunteer work. The .22 I have been thinking about is a lever action rifle. It does not cost all that much, but I don't want to spend all my money on it and then not be able to buy anything else. To be honest, I probably wouldn't buy one for a year or two. Here is the link to the rifle: http://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/lever-octagon-frontier-rifle/


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Really? So people like Shadowman, Sorunome, Sandro, IaC, Millawi Legend, Kairah.... The list goes on forever - they all have 30K + pieces and this only has 8500 which is less than a third. I don't really see how this tops the amount they have...

    Sorry if that came out as offensive or anything - It was not intent.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I am talking about the ones who are there now. Shadowman, Sandro, and Sorunome are still active now, but IaC, Millawi, Kairah? I don't think that they are coming online now. Yes, I get your point, and I respect it... but as I said, there are still great knexers like Red, Jonny, you, who don't have that many pieces (Well, don't know bout Jonny).

    Yep, even I don't have that many pieces, but yeah, I got around 5000. But still, I have more 3D connectors than him... :P

    Also, I did not feel offended at all. So, I would still like to say in my favour, a correction in what I said above in my comment, "More than many great K'nexers out there on i'bles". And yes, he does have a lot of hinges and white connectors. And a LOT of green rods. Around nine times more than me!

    I hope you understood my point. Of course, you are correct as well. Actually, both of us are correct at our own points.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Also, I do believe that IaC is still active now since he mentioned a month ago he is working on a ball machine. To show that he is still building, he showed the community also a wheel, in which is a element one can incorperate in a ball machine..

    Again, I may be wrong, but only time will tell.... :-P


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    As you have said, a great knexer is not who has more pieces, but a person who has enough experience to make good stuff. A good knexer should also be a versatile builder.

    He/she should also have made something which has been featured, and/or something that has the capability of being featured but it could not (due to some or the other reason).

    So, now I guess you know what a great knexer is!