Knex Napkin Holder

Introduction: Knex Napkin Holder

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Hi it's Knextremist again with a very simple instructable. It's a napkin holder! I built it about six months ago. It holds a significant amount of napkins without using too many pieces. I guess i'll do a parts list. (I may be a piece or two off.)

Parts List





Total: 325 pieces

Alright let's get started!

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Step 1: The Base

Here you are going to make the base for the napkin holder.

1. This is what you are going to make.
2. Build
3. Make eight of these.
4. Make two of these.
5. Lay out pieces from 3 and 4 like so.
6. Attach like this.
7. Close up of end attachment.

So I got a joke for you. Why do the French eat snails? (Answer on next step.)

Step 2: Sides

Here are none other than the sides. Build away.

1. What you will be building.
2. Build eight of these.
3. Here they are.
4. Grab this rod.
5. Attach like so.
6. Build two.

Answer: Because they don't like fast food!
Alright that was bad I know but how about a better one. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?" Haha. O.k. I'm done with these now. Go to the next step you shall.

Step 3: Front and Back

Here's the front and back of the holder.

1. What you are going to make.
2. Make this plate.
3. Make this corner.
4. make the other corner.
5. Attach
6. Attach
7. Build another one.
8. Add eight yellow rods in the marked spots on one panel.

Onward and forward!

Step 4: Attaching

Here's the fun part!

1. What you should have.
2. Attach this panel to the base.
3. Add one side like so.
4. Add other side.
5. Add this panel.
6. Yellow rod positions.
7. Snap in these yellow rods.
8. Yellow rod positions.
9. Snap in these yellow rods.
10. View of inside.
11. Finished product

You're done! Next step just has some other information about it.

Step 5: You're Done!

Thanks for building! I'll have more instructables coming soon. This hoder is durable and can hold many napkins. Plus it looks prety nice.

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    4 years ago

    Hehe, I typed "knex tr18" and this came up. great though :)