Knex Neon Lightning Coaster Instructions and Video( With New Motor-Less Tire-drive)

Introduction: Knex Neon Lightning Coaster Instructions and Video( With New Motor-Less Tire-drive)

    My second instructable, the k'nex Neon Lightning coaster. This micro coaster has a special gimmick to its station, it has a tire drive at the front that doesn't require a motor to move. Instead, the coaster car catches a special chain that moves the drive. Also, the lift hill is steep to save space. Enjoy building!

         Originally, the tire drive used the mechanism in the "Leave Me Alone Box" instructable but since the cars had trouble pushing the switch, I had to completely remove it and think of a different station mechanism. I have used this mechanism before which five cars operated at the station but I wanted to keep it simple as this instructable was mainly put up for the tire drive.

          As you can see by the video below, the design is still a little glitchy but not too bad. I fixed these problems in the bonus step 11 for people who are experiencing car stalls.

IMPORTANT!!!- You must have vertical vengeance and loopin lightning coaster to build this!

ALSO, the pdf file is corrupt for some reason, it just shows a blank page so unfortunately, you may have to view this
on the site alone which torqued me off so much!

Step 1: Piece Count Time!


White: 27
Blue 3d: 174
Purple 3d: 275
Yellow: 111
Green: 18
orange: 39
Red: 101
Dark grey: 59
Light grey: 7

TOTAL: 811


Grey: 43
Red: 80
Yellow: 203
Blue: 346
Green: 214

TOTAL: 999


Black rod(can be swapped for grey): 5
Y-clip: 14
Tan-lock clip: 20
Blue Clip( shaped like tan lock clip): 1
Silver spacer:47
Blue spacer:47
Purple flexi rod: 6
Red gear: 14
Yellow gear: 1
Blue gear: 1
Micro black gear( Found in micro sets like the amusement park collection): 3
Motor( Newer green model): 1
Cars( Micro card): 2
Medium tires: 2
Chain links: 129

TOTAL: 293


Grey gear( found in Serpent Spiral Coaster set): 1
Chain guide: 20 or more
Micro red connector( Piece is yellow): 11
Micro green connector( piece is light grey): 3
Micro yellow connector(  piece is red)
Micro orange connector( piece is purple)
Small transition rod( length of a green rod and is small at top and big on bottom): 22
Large transition rod( length of a white rod and same as above description): 2 or 4 if you go to step 11
Light green transition connector( small connector that connects track to large rod structures): 23
Micro chain link: 238
Micro straight track: 17
Short micro straight( half the size of a normal track piece) 2
Left curve track( found in Loopin Lightning Set): 10

TOTAL: 359


As you can see, this project uses some unusual pieces so I'm sorry if you are unable to build it but this project was intended more on the tire drive system in step 3.

Step 2: The Base

Let's start with the base. Some text boxes in the pictures will show you what some of the unusual pieces look like.

Step 3: The Station, Motor, Tire- Drive and Chains

This is the big step, the hardest in the instructable. Take your time and build carefully.

Step 4: The Station Roof

Build the station roof with some track supports.

Step 5: Main Support Structure

This is another big step. Take your time. You may notice 3d connectors with open spaces on one side of the support because I upgraded the model for the pulley but left the exposed connectors inside. You can substitute these with purple 3d connectors to make it look nicer. This is the step I believe that has the corrupt image and if there is anyway I can tell if it is corrupt,let me know please so I can fix the pdf file.

Step 6: Lift Hill Support and Track

Another good-sized step. This piece connects oddly to the rest of the build due to its unusual angle. This was made due to the small room size which works surprisingly well.

Step 7: Other Supports

Almost done with the building phase!

Step 8: Track Part 1

Time for the track. Yay! Make sure you look at where the track connects with the model. MAKE SURE!!!

Step 9: Track Part 2

The second half of the track.

Step 10: The Chain and Pulley

Just about done. All you need now is a chain and a pulley connecting it to the motor. For the chain, start out long then after connecting it, shorten it but make some slack for the bottom of the hill. After this, you are done!

Step 11: Having Trouble With This Version? Try These Modded Versions!

This is a bonus step I added in mind now knowing not every coaster car will behave the same. This is usually induced by the cars tight wheels or lots of friction or car weight differences. Below are two versions of the original in places I found the car to stall on.
These versions are made with metallic knex which make the coaster look nicer.

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    Can you do something quick for me please? check to see if the pdf for this instructable will open for you, it won't for me.:)


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    Try to open this pdf for me because I think the pdf might be corrupt. I want to see if it won't open for everybody:)


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    I could still open my pinball machine one though. It's not like it tells me I need pro, it shows the link above in the bar but gives me a page of just white.