Knex Nintendo Wii Remote & Nunchuck Dock

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Intro: Knex Nintendo Wii Remote & Nunchuck Dock

Hey! Thanks for viewing my Instructable. Today I will be showing you how to make a Wii remote and nunchuck stand out of Knex. Also, view my Knex Wii Stand here. Both are very easy to make and use minimal pieces. Go!

Step 1: Base

Sorry, no piece count. It died quickly... :().

Base of the stand.

Step 2: Back

The back, the most important part!

1. Back view.
2. Front view.

Step 3: Doodads

Other random little pieces. Shouldn't be hard.

1. Build 2 of these.
2. Build 4 of these.

Step 4: Connect Em, and Done!

Connecting everything together.

1. The base and back.
2. Connect those together to get this.
3. Add those doodads onto the stand to get this.
4. Another view of that.
5. Snap a grey rod on like so.

Hey! You're done! Congratz!

6. Here's that stand combined with my Wii stand! Here's the link again.

Please comment with any mistakes that I may have made or criticism : ).

; ) - Supitsgreg



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    it is a good idea man, it just is missing another control slot, i mean you have two nunchucks and only one control.