K'nex Not-So-Small Empire State Building

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Well, I'm back with my largest project ever - the not-so-small K'nex Empire State Building! Standing at plenty over four meters, it couldn't fit in my home, so I had to build it on my balcony. I've entered it in the K'nex contest, so if you really like this, please vote for this. So, let's start building this 4.3 m tall Empire State!

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Step 1: Piece Count

Very few K'nex instructables are complete without a piece count.

Classic K'nex


Green : 8

Blue : 4

Yellow : 52

Red : 88

Grey : 29


Orange : 4

Green : 8

White : 2

3D Grey : 100

3D Blue : 14

Micro K'nex


Grey : 4

Red : 36

Purple : 64

Blue : 72

Orange : 28


Grey : 8

Black : 3

3D Blue : 112

3D Grey : 16


Red 'Chilli' : 4

Step 2: Overview

In this instructable, we shall be making four sub-towers :- the red tower, the yellow tower, the blue tower, and the spire. Each of them has a similar structure, except the spire, which is slightly different.

Step 3: The Red Tower

The 3D Blue connectors are there on the top only because I ran out of 3D Greys.

Step 4: The Yellow Tower

The lower Blue connectors in the base are necessary, but not the ones in the modules.

Step 5: The Blue Tower

Please note the angle of the 3D Grey Connectors, otherwise they won't connect properly with the rest of the tower.

Step 6: The Spire

This sub-tower, for some reason, reminds me of a rocket.

Step 7: Assembly

The assembly is the reason why the 3D's on the base had to be angled. Congratulations on creating the (*ahem*) Empire State tower! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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    Pparshan, its a good decorative idea, but not as fun or useful... Still, its awesome.

    I love it. BTW, guess who this is.

    Oh, yeah, and next time don't make a K'nex Metropolitan (another building in the neighborhood of 'Empire Estate"'

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Sorry, it's probably Cayden


    4 years ago

    this remembers me of the times i wanted to build the tallest tower possible with knex :). Well done, bud!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, got a little confused with a colony in our neighbourhood ( Empire Estate). And I personally think that 'Empire Estate' sounds slightly better.....