Knex Oodammo Pistol




Here's my knex oodammo pistol, which I heavily inspired from killer safe crackers tbos. I basically just reinforced it, improved its sights and welded the trigger, so it never breaks. The mechanism is the same so just look at his for the internals.
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    5 years ago

    Thanks for the comment, I'll put it on the contest then!!

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    For future reference, just so people can see your comment right away, click the reply button next to their comment. I might never have seen this if I hadn't come back to this instructable by chance. >:-I

    Ooooooh! First to comment, and very nice job! I like how it has a unique simple angle look to it; it's a really nice mod to KillerSafeCrackers TBOS. I'd enter this into the Rods & Connectors Contest if I were you, because I'd think that you'd have a good chance of winning something. All I'd change to this instructable would be giving it stats and more info about its features

    This looks really cool, and it appears that my D2OP is in the related box off to the right. :D