Knex P90

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Finally! A powerful P90, and has good looks and is comfortable! It's quite powerful (45 feet)  and shoots a green rod and a dark grey connector put together. Let's look at some PROS and CONS!

-Good power
-Good ROF (1.5 seconds?)
-Comfortable! Yay!
-Looks good! 
-Pretty strong
-Feels so perfect!
-no mag push

-Magazine holds 3 bullets (can make mag longer, but then you need a mag push)
-Fake barrel isn't very strong....
-3 broken parts. ( you can probably get it to work with just 2......)


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Step 1: The Stock

The stock gives you support and the firing pin goes through here....

1: What you'll make
2: Make one of each
3: Make one of the top one, and one of the bottom one
4: Put 10 blue rods on the one shown in the pic.
5: attach the plate that you made two of on to the bottom.
6: add another plate
7: Finish by adding the last plate, and add white rods and tape. Also, build the things shown in the picture.

Step 2: The Body

This is where the hopper and the looks are XD
Get buildin' Son!

1: What you must make
2: Build the panels, Build two of the smaller one.
3: Make this junk. Read image notes.
4: Add!!! Remember that dark grey connector ;)
5: Add s'more. Remember EVERYTHING!
6: Add the rest of the plates.
7: Make everything in the pic.
8: Add 1 plate.
9: Add the next.
10: add the last two, and put white rods where shown. Make piece thingy in the pic too.
11: put the thingy on, and add two green connectors :)



Break time! Let's have a cupcake together :)

Step 4: The Extras

Just build this stuff!!
Or else, I'm serious.

Step 5: Let's Build! Plus Bandingt

Let's build. This gun is kinda tricky to put together.
1: Blurrry! Well, get your stock, and the body. Put all the parts on the body.
2: Put that pin guide on the stock first, Then add that bendy handle and put a white rod with tape on it. Make sense?
3: Turn it over. Add that part you made earlier, and add two white rods. I don't know if tape is necessary. Read notes.
4: close up of the attachment here.

Step 6: Done!

Tell me if you like it!!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i just noticed the way you made this is for left handers so for the stock reverse the adding of the plates

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 2

    can you replace the hinges with ballsockets or red connectors? (i only have 3 hinges)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    *shrugs* I think it was because he wanted to enter his P90 in my contest but It wasnt good he got mad at himself or something.

    No offence KGB if you read this


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    lol, late reply, but it had nothing to do with any of that, i just felt pissed off that i mamde like 5 guns that week and none of them worked...