Knex PAPS'6

Introduction: Knex PAPS'6

This is my knex P.A.P.S'6 or paper airplane plus 6.

sturdy gun
I made the grip so a hand is comfortable holding it
shoots paper airplanes
nice trigger
You can have more bullets
Extremely accurate and powerful
mag looks cool
works with most airplanes
No modded pieces

not superb range (20-40 feet)
(Rarely) you have to push the mag in to shoot a  piece
takes okay amount of time to reload if you figure out how to do it correctly.
Powerful but not  able to powerfully hit past  20 feet
sometimes jams for the last bullet ( takes a few shots to shot it)

i found that that the best airplane that I have made for this  weapon is the one pictured here.
please post any comments and tell me what you think or if you have any improvements.
If enough people want this I may make a step by step instructable.
ps. I used/ slightly modded entenie's trigger for his Mac 10. ( awesome trigger)

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