Knex PP19 "Bizon"

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*EDIT, this gun reached 4.14 and was #7 highests rated knex gun.*

Well here it is, my long awaited (not really) PP19 instructable. I believe that this is the first PP19 replica to be posted. This is also my Xmas present to you guys, I am just posting this a bit earlier so it gets the attention that it deserves.
This is my first successful replica, also it is as close to the real gun as I could manage.
Some stats:
Ammo - Blue rods
Mech - Pin mech
Mag capacity - up to 9 shots

Some of its cool features:
Removable stock
breach loaded shell ammo

Well let's get building!


Step 1: The Stock and Pin

After you have built these put them to the side until later on.

Step 2: Back End and Handle

pretty standard handle

Step 3: Main Body

just like the last step, should be easy enough.

Step 4: Trigger and Assembly

nearly there, the final build step, made sure that the panels are on the right sides.

Step 5: Other Stuff

Banding and breech loading

Step 6: And You're Done!

congratulations, you have built a PP19, now lets see all of those pics!



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    built it. its one of the most fun guns ive played with for a while! since The Dunkis' UMP :) 5*

    thanks, I made an updated version with a removable mag and fake charging handle which was even more fun to screw around with but it is long gone


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Can you explain a litlle better (no offense) how the shell ejection works and how the ammo is made? Since the video is gone..... Thanks

    2 replies

    the gun does not repeat with "shell" ammo. A white rod goes in then grey connector. round end facing the pin. the two are not connected. when fired the grey connector should fly out of the breech and the white rod should be shot out.