Knex PSG1 Model




Intro: Knex PSG1 Model

Hi this is my first ever slideshow since a year that i'm a instructable user. I'm pretty pround of this PSG1 Model but all credit to TheDunkis with is UMP-45 that I mod and thank to Mr. Stealth for is nice looking scope, the only thing I desing is the stock so hope you'll enjoy it. 

p.s. : I'm french canadian sorry form my speeling mistake.



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    other than the stock, which looks kind of painful, this gun looks really cool. You made the replica very well. But how far does it shoot? True trigger? How sturdy is it? How far does it shoot?

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    it's not that painfull because it's five layer so it's more texturized because the model is pretty heavy so it's really grip on your sholder. It's a model so it dosen't shoot and it's a true trigg