Knex PSG1

About: I dont play with knex anymore

Intro: Knex PSG1

this is my Knex PSG1.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    its good but 2 things 1. it doesn't look like it (like the stock) 2. i think the one from war hawk one is better

    srry but this is opinion

    Yeah, I'm not even going to start anything with a kid here. But the only good thing you did is that P90. I mean seriously: is that really an L96, or an M4? Come on...

    Look at the picture in the grenade 'Ible. Last year, you said it was you a year ago('07). That is NOT the face of a sixteen-year-old. That's the face of a 10, maybe 12-year-old.

    it was did you see HIS pistol and how big of an arguement it caused it made him quit thats why the first four instructables are different from MY building style.