Knex Padlock

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Hello Boys and Girls! 
      After two and a half years of hardly looking at my Knex, I bring you one of the projects I found stashed away in my closet.
Here is a padlock that uses a simple key to unlatch a ratchet system that hold the shackle in place when locked. I used a small spring to keep tension on the ratchet, but you can use a weak rubber band if a spring is not available. I also used a cut blue rod for the ease of putting it together, but again its not necessary.

     I hope you enjoy the build. I'll be posting pictures of the handful of projects I still have put together.
Happy 2014



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    1 year ago

    instructions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!


    1 year ago


    I know you are! I respect your work, and find that every one of your builds is better than the one before it (and much better than any of mine)! I can't wait to see new stuff from you... soon?