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Introduction: K'nex Padlock Instructions

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Hey guys! Here are the instructions for my K'nex padlock! Hope you enjoy.

Parts List


Yellow Connector: 15

Orange Connector: 13

Red Connector: 23

Gray 2-slot Connectors: 4

Gray 1-slot Connectors: 8

Blue 7-slot Connectors: 2


Blue: 6

White: 14

Green: 59


Tan Locks: 3

Black Y-Connectors: 4

Blue Spacers: 2

Blue Locks: 2

Female Ball-joints: 3

Grand Total: 158

Step 1: Step 1: Main Body

1: Build

2: Build

3: Attach

4: Build

5: Attach

6: Build

7: Attach



10: Build

11: I forgot to add the picture, but you just attach the final plate.

Step 2: Step 3: Finishing Up

1: Gather parts/Build

2: Attach

3: Build

4: Insert bolt into the body

5: Gather parts and lock on.

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23 Discussions

Is one of the orange connectors supposed to be broken?

1 reply

Yes, otherwise it will get stuck on the blue spacers.

Oh, I've gotten people to say theirs works. So I'm not sure what the problem is.

My one doesn't work

Oh well, was it supposed to be decoration or something, becauseit doesn't lock

It should lock, can you give me more information as to what isn't working? It worked for others.

I am still tweaking my assault rifle that I posted recently I hav added a full auto switch to switch it from semi auto to full auto