Knex Paper Airplane Launchers

Introduction: Knex Paper Airplane Launchers

Have you ever wanted to launch your paper airplane farther than just with the power of your hand?  With my Knex Paper Airplane Launcher, you can!  You will be able to launch your airplane at least 70 feet or 40 feet high with the 45 degree angle and vertical launchers!  This is quick and easy to make if you have all the parts, which are listed in step 1.  There is no time to waste, so get started and have your airplane being launched in less than an hour!

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Step 1: Parts and Tools Lists


Your Hands

Parts for Both Launchers

1 Sheet of Printer Paper or Your Favorite Paper Airplane Making Paper
Small Amount of Duct Tape

Parts for 45 Degree Angle Launcher

Knex Parts

Grey 7 1/2" Rods: 12
Red 5 1/8" Rods: 27
Yellow 3 3/8" Rods: 20
Blue 2 3/16" Rods: 35
Purple 3D 4-Slot Connectors: 56
Blue 3D 7-Slot Connectors: 16
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 4

Other Parts

Select rubber bands from rubber band pack shown above

Parts for Vertical Launcher

Grey 7 1/2" Rods:
Red 5 1/8" Rods:
Yellow 3 3/8" Rods:
Blue 2 3/16" Rods:
Purple 3D 4-Slot Connectors:
Blue 3D 7-Slot Connectors:
White 8-Slot Connectors:
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors:
Green 4-Slot Connectors:

Other Parts

Select rubber bands from rubber band pack shown above

Step 2: Making the Paper Airplane

This is a simple paper airplane I chose, but you don't have to use this design.  Most paper airplanes will work if they are designed for going fast.  If you do plan to use a different airplane design, make sure you have the opening where the rubberbands will hook on to.

Step 3: 45 Degree Angle Paper Airplane Launcher

This is the 45 degree angle paper airplane launcher.  Your airplane will get a lot of distance with this launcher.  Follow the pictures and image notes to build this.

Step 4: Vertical Paper Airplane Launcher

This is the vertical paper airplane launcher.  You will get a lot of height with this launcher.  Follow the pictures and image notes to build this.

Step 5: Safety Precautions

Never aim the airplane at a person or animal, especially in the face.  Right before launch, look at your surroundings and make sure there are no people or animals around you, because if the Knex launcher misfires or the airplane is taken by the wind, it may hit someone.  I am not responsible for misuse of this launcher.  Use discretion on how you use this.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged paper airplanes.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    i made it but i think i need better rubber bands than i have used

    tip: use strong rubber bands


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I know, I have made better instructables that probably shouldn't be on this site. :D