K'nex ''Peacekeeper" (black Ops II Gun)





Introduction: K'nex ''Peacekeeper" (black Ops II Gun)

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hi there. This is my most recent gun; a model of the 'Peacekeeper' from CoD Black Ops 2. It's a pretty compact gun, with some features to it:
- Slanted foregrip attachment
- Removable magazine
- Easily removable stock (instead of a what looks to be a folding one
- Flip up iron sights
- Comfortable

I think it looks pretty good, and I hope you like it.
~Update #1: Better stock height. The old one was on same level as the body, the new is slightly lower -> more realistic~



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    BO2 is okay in my opinion. Zombies is fun(not as good as BO 1 though). I made a PDW btw. It's still a work in progress.

    I haven't had it since I've posted it. Though I can make it again for instructions, it wasn't a gun that's too hard to build

    Yeah, actually, yes. I had it that way first, with only the bottom segment curved, but the fully curved mag looked a bit better IMO

    You did a nice job making the stock lower, but I really do suggest you make this shoot. It would be very easy to make it do so, just use the mech from my RMACR. I do suggest that you continue to build great guns like this, particularly guns that nobody knows about. =D

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    It indeed wouldn't be too hard, I guess. Though then I have to rip out all the internals, and change the stock to fit the pin, which I'm not feeling like doing right now :/
    Maybe in my next gun, thanks anyway =D